Official Retailers

Official Retailers

Official retailers (charges per ticket)



per ticket


CHF 20.00

CHF 1.00

CHF 20.05

CHF 30.00

CHF 2.00

CHF 30.05

CHF 50.00

CHF 3.00

CHF 50.05

CHF 80.00

CHF 4.00


CHF 80.00

CHF 5.00

These charges fully remain at the point of sale.

Official retailers

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      You can buy tickets at, from a See Tickets official retailer or our call centre.
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      Print at Home  and Mail Delivery Print at Home tickets can be reprinted at any time from your account until the venue is over.  Purchase at an Official Starticket Retailer If you bought your tickets anonymously please contact us here and mention the ...
    • Cancellation and refund

      The respective organizer decides on the refund modalities. As soon as the event concerned is officially cancelled, we will send you an e-mail containing information about the further procedure and the refund process. Furthermore, all information will ...