For different events different discounts are being offered. Please note, that the organizer is responsible whether a reduction is being available.  

Discounts in general

  • If a reduction is not shown, please contact us. 
  • In most cases, the code/card number must be entered without spaces.
  • We do not know the required promotion codes/or card numbers. If you have any question regarding this topic, please contact the organizer/card issuer.
  • If a discount does not work, please contact us before completing the order. No discounts can be granted once an order has been completed. 

Discounts for non-numbered seats

In order to receive the discount, please enter the corresponding card number first and then select the number of seats.

Numbered seat 

Please select the seat first. Then click on "concession" in order to get the discount. 

A window will then open in which a code/password or your card number must be entered. In most cases, the card numbers must be inserted WITHOUT spaces.


It can happen, that the organizer send promotion codes. In order to benefit from the promotion, you have to enter the code which you have received in the corresponding field